Scientists Reveal World Climate Change Already in an Emergency Stage

11,000 scientists from around the world have released research results that say that the world is undergoing an emergency period related to climate change or global warming.

Reporting from the BBC, Wednesday (11/06/2019), in a study based on measurement data for the past 40 years also said that the government had failed to deal with this environmental crisis.

In addition, the study also states that the world is facing great suffering.

Scientists say that they have a responsibility to give warnings about the dangers that are threatening.

Released on the same day when satellite data showed that last month was recorded as October with the warmest temperature, the new study said that simply measuring global surface temperatures was an inadequate way to capture the real danger of a world overheating.

Therefore, the authors of the study included a series of data that they believe represent a series of graphic vital signs of climate change over the past 40 years.

These indicators include growth in human and animal populations, per capita meat production, loss of protection from trees globally, and consumption of fossil fuels.

Some progress has been seen in several fields. For example, renewable energy has grown significantly, with wind and solar consumption increasing 373% per decade. Although that number is still 28 times less than the use of fossil fuels in 2018.

Overall, the researchers say most of their vital signs indicators are in the wrong direction and that climate conditions are becoming increasingly urgent.

“Emergencies mean that if we do not act or respond to the effects of climate change by reducing our carbon emissions, reducing our livestock production, reducing land clearing and consuming fossil fuels, the impact may be more severe than what we are experiencing at the moment,” said the lead author study, Dr. Thomas Newsome, from the University of Sydney.

“That could mean there are areas on Earth that humans cannot inhabit.” he added.

This Study Expects Real Action

This study echoes many of the warnings that have been reported by scientists including the IPCC.

The authors intend to present a clear and simple graphical picture of broader indicators that can be given to the public and to the government that the threat is serious while the response is still poor.

The difference is in showing that although the situation is very alarming, it can still be improved.

The researchers point out six areas where immediate steps must be taken that can make a big difference.

Some of the suggestions given by the results of the study include in the energy sector, where the government is expected to increase carbon prices so as to prevent the use of too much fossil fuels. Another recommended way is to replace oil and gas with alternative energy, namely renewable energy.

Suggestions in other fields are also written by scientists such as pollutants, nature, food needs to the population.

The Hope of Scientists

Researchers are disgusted by climate conferences and assemblies that fail to produce meaningful action. But they believe that a growing global protest movement will give hope.

“We are driven by the recent wave of global concern, the government is adopting new policies, children are going on strike, the legal process, and community movements are demanding change.”

“As scientists, we urge the widespread use of vital signs and hope graphical indicators will better enable policy makers and the public to understand the magnitude of the crisis, align priorities and track progress,” they added.